Boiled beef

Boiled beef
Main ingredients
  • Beef Tenderloin 250g
  • A small handful of coriander
  • A little oil
  • A little salt
  • A little chicken essence
  • A little cooking wine
  • A little starch
  • raw smoke a little
  • scallion
  • pepper
  • ginger

Step 1 of Braised Beef1.Soak the beef slices in water for half an hour and change them Twice water

Step 2 of the method of sautéed beef 2.Squeeze out the water, add a little cooking wine, soy sauce, pepper, corn flour, and then add a little oil to seal the water in the meat

Step 3 of braised beef:// onion and ginger in hot pot with cool oil

Step 5 of Braised Beef5.Add the sliced ??meat and stir fry quickly Put in a little soy sauce

The steps of making beef66.After the meat has changed color, pour in the coriander and change to a low heat, add a little salt and chicken essence and stir fry for two times.Immediately turn off the heat and cook.

Step 7 of Braised Beef7.Finished product

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