Cactus fruit jelly

Cactus fruit jelly
Efficacy of cactus fruit 1. Activating qi and promoting blood circulation is suitable for the treatment of blood stasis syndrome 2. Dispels dampness, reduces heat and tastes bitter, clears the heart, purifies fire, clears heat and removes vexation, and eliminates heat poison in the blood. It is suitable for people who are prone to get angry. 3. Antioxidant has antioxidant activity and can reduce the peroxidation reaction caused by computer radiation. 4. Beauty skin care contains A large amount of carotene helps maintain the normal function of skin cells and tissues, stimulates skin metabolism and keeps skin moist and tender
Main ingredients
  • 6 cactus fruits
  • Pudding powder 10g
  • Appropriate amount of powdered sugar

Step 1 of the cactus jelly1.Cut off the top of the cactus

Step 2 of Cactus Jelly2.Pick out the octagonal spines

Step 3 of Cactus Jelly3.Cut the cactus fruit in half

How to make cactus jelly 44.Prepare half a glass of water

Cactus jelly Step 55.Squeeze the pulp in and add an appropriate amount of powdered sugar

Step 6 of the cactus jelly6.Put the juice into the juicer and squeeze a fewPress down to make the pulp on the seeds fall off without breaking the seeds and filter out the seeds

Step 7 of cactus jelly7.Mix pudding powder with a small amount of water

Step 8 of cactus jelly8.Melt by heating

Step 9 of cactus jelly9.Add the pudding liquid to the cactus juice and stir well

Step 10 of cactus jelly10.Put it in the refrigerator for more than 4 hours

Step 11 of cactus jelly11.The sweet and sour taste is especially Q

Wear gloves when handling cactus fruit to prevent puncture

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