Chocolate Christmas House

Chocolate Christmas House
Christmas is coming soon. Has the Christmas house at home been covered? Many friends complain that there is no oven and they can't bake Cookies can't build a house, so today I will share with you a no-bake Christmas house------Chocolate Christmas house just need to prepare a set of silicone molds for the Christmas house. I used the real Christmas house set chocolate DIY gingerbread house mold 3 Chocolate bricks 100g/piece can be made by purchasing a little powdered sugar from the COCO bakery in Taobao store. The effect is also beautiful~ We are ready for this Christmas: Christmas frosting cookies, chocolate Christmas house and beautiful Christmas tree.
Main ingredients
  • Vanilla Dark Chocolate 300g
  • A little powdered sugar

Chocolate Christmas house practice step 11.Prepare Christmas house silicone mold dark chocolate scraper

Chocolate Christmas house practice step 22.Chopped and chopped chocolate bricks are easier to melt

Chocolate Christmas House Step 33.Put the chocolate pieces in the chocolate oven and use the second gear to melt the chocolate

Step 4 of Chocolate Christmas House4.Pour the melted chocolate Put it into a silicone mold and use a spatula to smooth it out.You may not need a spatula, so I have to scrape off the excess chocolate syrup.

Step 5 of the chocolate Christmas house5.Gently unmold after the chocolate has solidified

6.Unmold all parts and place them in place Ready to assemble

Chocolate Christmas house steps 77.Put the excess chocolate syrup in a piping bag for gluing the house

Step 8 of the chocolate Christmas house8.Lay the part of the front door flat with its back up, then apply chocolate syrup to one side of the two walls with windows and stick it to the front door as shown

Step 9 of Chocolate Christmas House9.Coat one edge with chocolate syrup and place the back wall on it.Make sure all sides are aligned.

Chocolate Christmas house practice step 1010.Coat both sides of the roof with chocolate paste and stick it to the main roof and do the same operation on the other side of the roof

Chocolate Christmas house steps 1111.Then apply chocolate syrup on one side of the small door and stick the door to the front door wall As shown above

Step 12 of the chocolate Christmas house 12.Finally, place the house and gadgets and sieve the decorative powdered sugar to create the feeling of snow.

1 Chocolate, please choose hard chocolate with low melting point and freezing point 2 If there is no chocolate oven, it can be melted in water Never cook each of the 3 houses directlyThe interface position can be reinforced with chocolate of the same color.4.It can be placed in the refrigerator to help solidify in summer when the temperature is high.It can be solidified at room temperature in winter.

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