Hibiscus flower lotus mist fruit tea

Hibiscus flower lotus mist fruit tea
During the holidays, I picked a lot of lotus mist with roselle roses and added diced fruit to cook It has become a popular fruit tea on the market. The taste is refreshing and sweet.
Main ingredient
  • 2 slices of lemon
  • A little roselle
  • A little golden roses
  • Appropriate amount of water
  • 1 lotus mist
  • A little honey

Luoshen Hualien Steps 11.Prepare materials

Roshen Hualien Mist Fruit Tea Step 22.Lemon slices and lotus mist cut into pieces

Step 3 of Roselle Flower Tea3.Pour water into the pot and boil it, first rinse the roselle and roses with hot water and then pour out the soaked water

Step 4 of Roselle Flower Tea4.Put the soaked roselle and roses in a pot and cook on low heat for 12 minutes

Recipe Step 5 of Roselle Flower Tea5.Add diced lotus mist and cook together

Recipe Step 6 of Roselle Hualien Mist Fruit Tea6.When the fruit tea is boiled until the color becomes darker, turn off the heat and add sliced ??lemon

Step 7 of Roselle Hualien mist fruit tea7.When the fruit tea is placed in lukewarm temperature, you can add an appropriate amount of honey to make the sweet and sour fruit tea.

Step 8 of Roselle Hualien Mist Fruit Tea8.Brightly colored fruit tea

Fruit tea can also be cooked in a health pot or honey can be replaced with rock sugar

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