Kumquat wine

Kumquat wine

How to make kumquat wine step 11.Do the preparations first, salt the kumquats Scrub one by one, wash and rinse with water.

Kumquat wine Practice step 22.The glass jar is also cleaned and drained.The above two steps need to be prepared in advance.After the glass jar and kumquat are drained, we can start work and prepare two bottles of Guyangkang grain wine.This kind of wine for fruit soaking is one for kumquat and another for apple

How to make kumquat wine step 33.Cut the kumquat into small pieces of crabThe bottle used by my sister is a frosted small mouth bottle.The fruit pieces should not be too large and cut into such corners.

How to make kumquat wine step 44.You can remove the seeds from the cut kumquats, but you can do it as you like

Step 5 of kumquat wine5.Then put the kumquat into the bottle about two-thirds full.This kind of yellow rock sugar can also be used to prepare rock sugar crab sister

Step 66.Put the rock sugar into the bottle and pour the prepared Guyangkang grain wine just before the ingredients are in place

Step 7 of kumquat wine7.Cover the lid and label it and put it in a cool dark place to let it slow down Let’s change slowly.Sister Crab put it together with the calendar and took a picture.I’ll write a label and enjoy it in three months.I’m looking forward to it.

How to make kumquat wine step 88.In the same way, soak apples in apple cider and need to slice or dice the juice to extract more easily

Step 9 of kumquat wine9.Keep it in a cool and dark place.

After the fruit wine is ready, pour it out and enjoy it If it is found that the fruit has been soaked and there is a lot of pulp in the fruit wine and it becomes cloudy, it is recommended to filter the fruit wine and drink it as soon as possible.Sister Crab made two small bottles each also taking this factor into account.If you make medicinal wine, you need a higher degree of grain wine

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