moss striped peanuts

moss striped peanuts
main ingredients
  • peanuts 500g
  • moss strips 20g
  • appropriate amount of cooking oil
  • a little salt
  • Appropriate amount of soft white sugar

Step 1 of the practice of moss-striped peanuts1.Pick out the impurities from the peanuts

Step 2 of Peanuts with Moss Strips2.Use scissors to remove impurities from the Moss strips?? Cut them into 1cm long segments and shred them in large pieces

Step 3 of moss-striped peanuts3.Add a proper amount of cooking oil to the pot and use medium and low heat slowly Stir fry

Step 4 of the practice of moss striped peanuts4.After sauteing, take out the excess oil with absorbent paper

Step 5 of Moss Striped Peanuts5.Fry the moss strips with the oil left over from the fried peanuts

Step 6 of Moss Striped Peanuts6.Fry the Moss Strips with low heat until crispy

moss stripsStep 77.Pour in the peanuts, add a little salt and some sugar to taste

Step 8 of moss strips and peanuts8.Mix well and put on a plate

The fried moss strips will become bitter if they are overcooked with a low heat

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