Parsley empanadas

Parsley empanadas
main ingredients
  • Appropriate amount of parsley
  • Appropriate amount of fore leg meat
  • Appropriate amount of pie crust
  • Appropriate amount of salt
  • Appropriate amount of chicken essence
  • Appropriate amount of peanut oil
  • Appropriate amount of oyster sauce

How to make parsley empanadas 11.Clean the parsley after removing the leaves

Step 2 of Parsley Empanadas2.Wash the parsley and drain it for later use

Step 3 of parsley empanadas3.Drain and chop the parsley

Recipe step 4 of parsley empanadas4.Peel, wash and cut the front leg meat into pieces

Step 5 of parsley empanadas5.Put the meat in Add an appropriate amount of green onion ginger water to the meat grinder and smash it

fragrance Step 66.Put parsley and minced meat in a bowl, add a little salt, chicken essence, oyster sauce, peanut oil and stir well.

Recipe step 7 of parsley empanadas7.Take a finger pancake and let it soften slightly

Step 8 of parsley empanadas8.Spoon an appropriate amount of parsley mince

Step 9 of parsley empanadas9.Wrap it tightly and press it into a cake.

Parsley meat Step 1010.Put a little oil in the pan and put the pancake into the pan and fry it slowly

Step 11 of parsley empanadas11.Fry until golden on both sides

Step 12 of parsley empanadas12.Finished product

Step 13 of parsley empanadas13.Finished product

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