Raisin Soy Milk

Raisin Soy Milk
Iron Supplement, Calcium Supplement, Heart Health Tea, Beauty Soy Milk Breakfast Refreshment
Main Ingredients
  • A handful of soybeans
  • Half a handful of raisins
  • Half a handful of rice

Step 1 of raisin soy milk1.Wash the soybeans, raisins and rice, add water and pour them into the wall breaker

How to make raisin soy milk step 22.After 30 minutes of choosing the strong soy milk, you have to eat it

How to make raisin soy milk step 33.Add some small biscuits and steamed buns to the mood and beauty

Raisins are powerful~ Iron He Rich in calcium, it is a good tonic for children, women and the weak, anemia, nourishes blood, warms the kidneys, improves anemia, protects the heart, and often struggles with raisins to wash or not.This soy milk solves all anxiety.Sweet and sour is much better than eating raisins dry.

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