Roasted clams with salt

Roasted clams with salt
Clams are rich in protein, vitamin A and other nutrients, delicious and nutritious There are a variety of methods for this salt-roasted razor clams. I really like the meat is more tender and authentic.
Main ingredients
  • 250 grams of razor clams
  • 80g salt
  • 10ml cooking wine
  • 5g ginger
  • a little shallot
  • A little minced garlic

Step 1 of salt-roasted clams1.Prepare cooking wine, ginger, chopped green onion and minced garlic

Step 2 of salt-roasted clam razor razor</p><p><img src=3.Put tin foil on the baking tray and pour in salt to spread it out

salt Step 4 of Roasted Clams4.Add Clams

Step 5 of salt-roasted razor clams5.Put it in the oven at 200 degrees for 12 minutes and it can be baked

Step 6 of salt-roasted clams6.Sprinkle chopped green onion and serve super tender

1.RoastThe temperature and time of the oven should be set according to your own oven 2.It is better to use ginger and garlic cooking wine to remove the fishy taste before baking

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