Rotten meat and sour cowpea

Rotten meat and sour cowpea
Sour and delicious appetizers, special meals
Main ingredients legend>
  • rotten meat 100g
  • sour cowpea 200g
  • 1 green pepper
  • 2 spoons of bean paste

Step 1 of rotten meat sour cowpeas1.Cut sour cowpeas into small pieces and soak them in water repeatedly to squeeze out the excess sourness in sour cowpeas about three times to properly retain the sour vegetables and appetizers

Step 2 of rotten meat sour cowpea2.Rotten meat in the pot Stir fry the oil, pour in diced green peppers and two tablespoons of bean paste, stir fry until fragrant, and the rotten meat also turns red and bright

Step 3 of rotten meat sour cowpea3.Pour in sour cowpea and stir fry without salt

Step 4 of rotten meat and sour cowpea4.Sour and delicious special meal

1.After stir-frying the rotten meat, be sure to add bean paste and stir-fry it.This is the key to the deliciousness of the rotten meat and sour cowpea.2.You must not add salt because the bean paste and sour cowpea already have a salty taste.

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