Salmon head tofu soup

Salmon head tofu soup
Main ingredients
  • Appropriate amount of salmon head
  • Appropriate amount of tofu
  • Appropriate amount of tomatoes
  • Appropriate amount of ginger slices

Step 1 of Salmon Head Tofu Soup1.Pour an appropriate amount of olive oil into the pot Salt and pepper salted salmon heads and fry them on medium heat

Step 2 of Salmon Head Tofu Soup2.Fry one side and flip to fry the other side while adding ginger slices

Step 3 of Salmon Head Tofu Soup3.After frying both sides, pour in the right amount of boiling water and bring to a boil

Step 4 of Salmon Head Tofu Soup4.Cook for about ten minutes when the fish soup turns milky white Pour in tofu

Step 5 of salmon head tofu soup5.Continue to cook for a while, then add the tomatoes and cook together

Salmon Head Tofu Soup Step 66.Add a little salt and pepper to turn off the heat and put the coriander at the end

Note that the tofu does not need to be boiled for too long after the fish soup is cooked, and the tomato should not be boiled for too long

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