Seafood and Egg Fried Rice

Seafood and Egg Fried Rice
Egg fried rice is a sublimation of white rice and only boiled Only the right white rice can be fried to make a real egg fried rice. It is not an easy thing to fry a bowl of delicious egg fried rice. First of all, choose rice. I recommend Northeast rice. Northeast long-grain rice is fried on egg fried rice. Second, the steamed rice should be cooled naturally for about 6-8 hours or put in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours. The fried rice with eggs is very effective. Third, the oil temperature should not be too high when frying eggs. When the temperature is too high, the rice grains feel like they are fried in an oil pan, and the taste is hard in the mouth. It is best to fry them with 60% oil. The fried eggs will not stick to the rice, but they will be tender and fragrant. Fourth, I don’t make egg fried rice. The eggs are scrambled separately first, but the raw eggs are directly mixed into the rice, and then stir-fry in the pot. This way, the juice of the eggs is fused into each grain, so that each grain is full of egg fragrance. The second is the fried rice. The bright yellow color is very beautiful and can be said to be the best of both worlds

Step 1 of Seafood Egg Fried Rice1.A bowl of steamed and cool rice

The practice of seafood egg fried rice Step 22.Shrimp and Scallops

Seafood Egg Fried Rice Step 33.Small celery, chives, carrots

Seafood Egg Fried RiceStep 44.Egg and Ham

Seafood Egg Fried Rice Step 55.Wash the shrimp and cut it from the back to remove the shrimp line

Recipe Step 6 of Seafood Egg Fried Rice6.Dice celery, chives, carrot and ham for later use

Step 7 of fried rice with seafood and egg7.Crack the eggs into the rice and add a spoonful of salt to taste

Step 8 of fried rice with seafood and eggs8.Mix the eggs and rice thoroughly

Step 9 of Seafood Egg Fried Rice9.Add oil to the pot and add shrimp and scallop meat Stir fry in the wok first, then set aside for later use

Seafood egg fried rice Step 1010.Add an appropriate amount of oil to the pot, pour the rice covered with egg liquid into the pot and stir fry over medium heat

How to make fried rice with seafood and egg 1111.During the frying process, the water in the rice gradually evaporates, and each grain of rice is separated for good.

How to make seafood egg fried riceStep 1212.Pour the diced celery, carrot and ham into the pot and stir fry

Step 13 of Seafood Egg Fried Rice13.Then pour in the fried shrimp and scallops

Step 14 of Seafood Egg Fried Rice14.It is best to sprinkle shallots and stir fry for a few seconds before serving.

1 The carrots should be diced a little smaller so that they are easy to mature during the frying process.2 The eggs and rice must be stirred evenly so that each grain of rice is soaked in the egg liquid.When frying, do not fry the rice with high heat and low heat.

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