Steamed chicken

Steamed chicken
Fresh black-footed chicken, washed, chopped into small pieces, marinated in marinade for a while A few red dates and some cordyceps flowers are steamed in an electric steamer for 30 minutes and served without oily fumes and healthy. This way, the steamed chicken is fresh and tender, and the juice spreads in the mouth. It's really delicious. It is no exaggeration to say that the wizard steamed a plate with half a chicken. My husband and I really only tasted one piece and let the children eat the rest. Finally, we didn’t even let the rest of the soup go. We mixed a small bowl of noodles. Eat all up
Main ingredients
  • Black-footed chicken 700g
  • 5 red dates
  • 10 dried cordyceps flowers gram
  • 5 grams of wolfberry fruit
  • 4 servings accessories
  • 20 grams of ginger
  • 1 gram of pepper powder
  • 20ml soy sauce
  • 3g salt
  • 20ml cooking wine
  • 3g corn starch
  • 5ml cooking oil
  • Step step.


    Prepare fresh chicken

    Step step.


    Prepare red dates, cordyceps flowers and ginger

    step step.


    Wash the chicken and chop it into even pieces

    Step step.


    Add ginger shredded cooking wine to a deep bowl, soy sauce, pepper, salt, and salt

    Step step.


    Marinate by hand for 5 minutes and set aside to marinate for 15 minutes

    Step step.


    Rinse the red dates, remove the jujube core and cut the cordyceps flowers, soak them in warm water and wash them.

    Step step.


    Add cornstarch and cooking oil to the marinated chicken and mix well

    Step step.


    Sprinkle red dates and cordyceps flowers and wolfberry on the chicken surface

    Step step.


    Folding electric steamer Lay the ingredients flat on the console and put the ingredients on the steamer.

    Step step.


    Add 1.5 liters of filtered water to the water tank of the electric steamer

    Step step.


    Plug in the power supply and select 30 minutes to turn on the steaming mode

    Step step.


    During the steaming process, the aroma is diffused and tempting.When the steaming time is over, open the lid of the steamer and enjoy it beautifully

    Finished picture of steamed chicken
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