Three-flavored old yogurt

Three-flavored old yogurt
I like to drink yogurt most when I don’t bake before I buy boxed yogurt. Although yogurt is easy to carry, there are a lot of them attached to the inner wall of the carton when you drink it, which is quite wasteful to eat. Later, I bought a bread machine and used it to make yogurt. It is very good. I put the ingredients in the evening and wake up. The yogurt is ready, plus nuts and mango jam Everyone's taste is taken care of
Main ingredients
  • Milk 750g
  • Old yogurt powder 1g
  • 30g white sugar
  • One mango
  • Appropriate amount of blueberry jam
  • Appropriate amount of nut cereal

Three-flavored old yogurt Step 11.Prepare pure milk white sugar and yogurt fungus powder

Step 2 of the three-flavored old yogurt2.Boil the yogurt cup upside down and drain the water

How to make three-flavored old yogurt step 33.Add sugar to pure milk and stir well

Step 4 of three-flavored old yogurt4.Add yogurt powder and stir well

Step 5 of three-flavored old yogurt5.Pour the mixed milk into the yogurt cup

Step 6 of three-flavored old yogurt6.Put the yogurt cup into the cavity of the bread machine and start the yogurt program for 8 hours

Step 7 of three-flavored old yogurt7.The milk becomes yogurt after one night's fermentation

How to make three-flavored old yogurt step 88.Put mango meat mixed with nuts and blueberry jam in the yogurt cup

Step 9 of three-flavored old yogurt9.Do it yourself The old yogurt will not flow down when it is buckled upside down

1 The coagulation of the old yogurt bacteria powder is better, and ordinary yogurt bacteria powder can also be used.

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